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How to Keep Insects Away From The House – 9 Insects / 9 Remedies

With an average temperature of 65 degree Fahrenheit in Cape Cod, summer is the best season of the year for pests. Where you have lots of plans for outdoor activities like having a live barbecue with friends or throwing a bachelor party for your friend, pests can be a mood killer. Yes, all other and such types of activities mean way more exposure to bugs. Therefore, to keep your home and the area surrounding it insect free, you should always take appropriate measures.

No matter, if you are living in your own home, rental property or vacation rentals, you have to look for a way to get rid of insects in house. Or if you don’t want to take this headache, let the Cape Cod vacation rental property management professionals inspect your home first, identify the house insects, potential pest problems and make a proper prevention plan for you and your family members safety.

Common Places for Insects to Breed

The most common places for insects to reside and breed are the cracks, and crevices. Some of the insects bread deep into eaves where human reach is impossible. But wise thing to do is treat all the unfinished attic areas for prevention of ants, spiders, wasps, cluster flies and silverfish. And in case if you see the termite in your home, immediately install around the perimeter of your home for their early detection.

Do you want a pest-free home? Oh, but at the same time you might be trying to use nasty sticky pesticides. Pesticides are highly toxic by default and can harm not only your insects but you and your family. There are effective ways to use the chemicals which are harmful to insects but not to the human being. Pesticides cause harm to health.

These hazardous chemicals can be linked to many serious health problems people are exposed to in homes and gardens.

Common Insects Found In Homes

  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Ticks
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Fruit Flies
  • Spider
  • Dust Mites
  • Weevils

Cockroaches in The House

Cockroaches are common insect pests found all over the world. Familiar to the most homeowners, cockroaches usually come out for food and water. So, you have a good chance to make them run away if there is no open food, drinks etc placed inside the kitchen for them to eat. Make sure to cover the food containers and drinks. Also get rid of all the leftovers. If that hasn’t solved the problem, get any empty bottle of soft drink, cut the top part off as it looks like a funnel. And place the upper part in the half cut bottle so that funnel faces downwards. Add water in bottle, this way cockroaches will go inside the bottle but won’t be able to come out.

If this doesn’t work out for you, chop one onion and add one teaspoon of baking soda. Place this mixture on every corner of your house to get rid of them.

Mosquitoes In The House

Mosquitoes love to stay on standing water. Therefore, make sure there is no standing water inside the pools, water buckets, kitchen sinks, basins etc or garden grass. Cut the grass and weeds short and keep screens in good repair so they don’t get in to gnaw you. Alternatively, you can also use lemongrass essential oils and Citronella play an important as repellent for mosquitoes.

Fruit Flies In House

If you have seen the gnats or small flies coming all the way to the house through the kitchen, they are probably fruit flies. These 2-3mm tiny insects can squeeze through crevices, doors and windows into the house. If not gotten instant rid of these flies, it can be a problem year round. And if treated quickly, it won’t take much time to get off these annoying fruit flies. All they need is the smell of a ripe fruit and a vegetable, sooner they feel they enter the kitchen.

Secondly, pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a glass jar, cut a piece of rotten fruit and place it inside the jar. Roll a piece of paper to make a funnel and pour it into the jar to trap the fruit fly. Leave this solution for overnight and see the fruit flies dead in the morning.

Wasps In The House

Multiple wasps hanging out inside your house create a palpable sense of anxiety among you all. To get rid of wasps that have built the nest, mix two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture into the nest and get rid of wasps after repeating the process thrice.

Ants In The House

Nothing can be more irritating than watching the ants marching to your kitchen. Ants are especially active in summer. They hide and store food before their hide time comes. To prevent them from being effective, mix the teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and a cup of water. Shake the mixture well and spray in the ants hiding areas.

Ticks In The House

Its crucial to protect your family from the ticks. These little nasties can spread terrible disease if not treated on time. Use a fine-point tweezers, grasp the tick and pull it out of the skin. After that wipe the affected skin area with alcohol. If you are abandoned to apply the chemical pesticides to your skin, you can opt for some natural remedies.

Now you must be thinking of tick repellent for humans. Well, take a rose geranium essential oil and add its 20 drops in 10 drops of sweetgrass essential oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of citronella oil + ethanal. Mix them in a spray bottle and spray it on your clothes before leaving.

Silverfish In The House

These bugs can be found in the areas, especially where there are magazines, books and wallpapers. Their favorite food source is flour, starched clothing and synthetic fabrics. If you make your clothes and pantry items safe, it will become less appetizing for them.

Fleas In The House

The main thing you need to remember is that fleas hate lavender. Get a small cloth and saturated it with undiluted lavender essential oil and leave it near the window of your home. Fleas will run away from that area. Avoid any skin contact with undiluted essential oil. In order to get rid of fleas, you can plant basil leaves in your balcony or use camphor having an extremely strong smell.

Spider In The House

Even if you don’t have any poisonous spiders inside your house, spiders hanging up in the home look very scary. To remove them, add 5-10 drops of peppermint oil into one cup of water having liquid detergent. Spray the mixture on the affected areas twice a week. If peppermint is not available, you can choose tea tree oil, lavender, citronella or eucalyptus.

Dust Mites In The House

Dust mites are one of the common insects found in homes. These are too small to view from the naked eye. If you don’t find them, it doesn’t mean they do not exist. Skin flakes and warmer areas are its favorite places to live and breed. So, aren’t you thinking of where they are likely to be? Yes, you are thinking right. They are on your bed. They can cause bad allergic reactions. Without waiting for a single second, mix 6 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil with 1.5 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent in a water bucket. Place the cloth in that bucket and keep them for hours before washing.

Weevils In The House

If you leave rice, seeds, or cereals unsealed in the pantry. You might find the unwanted bugs in your food. A good alternative solution to its production in the food will help you get rid of it. Weevils don’t like the smell of cloves and weevils so place them around the pantry.

Hire the professionals

Hope these insect proof techniques have provided you with more knowledge and help. However, treating infestations is a job best left to professionals. Advice of hiring the professionals of property management Cape Cod Ma would make your pest control job as easy as pie. In some severe cases of infestations, remedies are not that effective as potent chemicals that should only be handled by the experts. Give a call (508) 509-4485 at Real Property Management Associates to get the insect proof house.

We offer residential and commercial property management Cape Cod Ma custom services to address all the insects, rodent and wildlife pest control problems in your house. We will keep your property clean and let you go inside only when your house is insect free.




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